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Cezanne’s Takeout

Fast food, in fact, is not food at all. It's a product.

Size: 70cm*30cm

Method: collage

Medium(s): Fast Food Wrappers on Canvas

Cezanne's Basket of Apples from 1893 is transformed using takeout bags from fast food restaurants. Using fast food wrappers to make Cezanne's classic in collage form, this work demonstrates how food, or more accurately our food consumption, has changed over the years. When Cezanne created his work, there weren't any refrigerators like there are today. Food had to be consumed quickly, when it was fresh, allowing people to eat moderately and remain healthy. Obesity was scarce.

This work allows the viewer to reflect on our relationship with food, what we used to consume and what we now consume.

Fast food, in fact, is not food at all. It's a product. It's manufactured using chemicals, flavoring and preservatives. It's often full of salt, sugar or sugar substitutes. It's no surprise to learn that in the US, 41.9 percent of adults have obesity. This work challenges us to reflect on the factors and behaviours associated with what we consume and how it affects our communities.

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