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No Single Raindrop

No single raindrop believes it's to blame for the flood.

Size: N/A

Method: Digital Mosaic

Medium(s): Photographs

Throwing a piece of garbage on the ground seems insignificant, especially when it's just a small wrapper of some kind. But the reality of this action is that things add up.

The fact that processed food is not healthy is one thing. We do damage to ourselves, and that's a personal choice. However, throwing the wrappers, bags, or containers these products comes in does damage to the environment which affects everyone.

Over the course of several months, I documented what I saw on the ground by taking a picture and saving it. Using the 1000 + images I compiled, I composed a digital mosaic in which the small wrappers build the larger image of a flooded area. It prompts people to think not only about their eating habits, but the consequences of their actions, regardless of how insignificant it might seem. After all, no single raindrop believes it's to blame for the flood.

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