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my heart is wrapped with it's passion.

Size: 17cm*16cm*23cm

Method: Sculpture

Medium(s): Mache with Ballet Shoes and Glue

When it comes to health and wellness, a big part of having a fulfilling life is following your passion.

While I do not do ballet anymore, there was a time that I did. It's not a matter of not following my passion so much as it was to do with an injury that kept me from continuing.

Still, this project was an opportunity to share this passion with my audience. Having constructed a human heart using mache and glue, I took apart a pair of ballet shoes and combined them with the heart. Like ballet, it was not as easy as it looks as ballet shoes are actually very well constructed. Once apart, I was able to rebuild the shoes over the heart.

To wear one's heart on one's sleeve equates to openly showing your feelings or emotions rather than keeping them hidden. In this case, my heart is wrapped with it's passion.

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